Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eat Surf N' Turf Gets Off To A Roaring Start

Yesterday's meal ended up tasty enough after as much of a learning experience as it was, that I decided to commit to focusing my first real attempt at a regular blog on my dinners. I am sure that my wife won't mind since it will help keep me motivated to continue the cooking habits of the last few weeks. Those habits have centered around creating a dinner of meat, fish, and veggies. Sometimes there may have been too much fish to have any meat - but it has been surf and turf almost every night. Most of these meals rate 5 stars in the nutrition department, but have reputations of being expensive. Every time I tell someone what I had for dinner the night before, they ask what the special occasion was. But the meals I cook are usually easy, almost always nutritious, and less expensive than most people would think; and for the taste, they cannot be beat.

I hope this blog can become a database of surf n' turf dinner meals with a bit of info about taste, nutrition, preparation, and cost for each meal. Most of the surf n' turf meals are low in carbs and high in protein, and I would like to discuss nutrition at a higher level and how these meals can be incorporated into a larger diet plan.

I'll tell you about last night's experience in the future, but I am excited to get this blog started. I hope you enjoy. Comments, questions, suggestions, and requests are always welcome. Thanks for reading.

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